Saturday, January 8, 2011

27th All India Budokan Karate National Championship - 2009

Dear Budokan Member,
 We recently concluded the 27th All India Budokan Karate Federation National Championship - 2009 in Vadagara, Kerala with a thumping success. The overwhelming response from the Budokan members from  different parts of the country, left me speechless. I wish to thank all the participants and instructors who took part in the above championship and made it a great success. My special thanks to the organisers Mr. C.P. Arif and Mr. C.P. Shabbir, who saw to it that there was not a single flaw from the  organiser's side. Various committees set up by the organisers, worked day in and day out to give all the facilities to the participants, coaches and officials. Excellent food and  good and comfortable accommodation was provided by the organisers.
On the technical side, the Officials worked hard on both the days to finish the events in time. The quality of judging was good and we have included many new and aspiring judges to our officials list. The standard of our karatekas is also much better with a definite improvement in Kata and Kumite performance.
The Rotation Team Kumite which was introduced for the first time, was a big success. Many were not aware about this new event, and once the event started, they too wanted to take part in it. I am sure this event will much more famous in our coming tournaments. Let us strive hard to make the standard of Budokan Championships much better in the coming tournaments !
 Yours in Budokan Karate,

C.H. Rao
All India Budokan Karate Federation



  2. Check out the AIKBF site and the IKAA facebook page for more details on the National Level open Tournament at Udupi in November

    Sumukh, add me on facebook.. weve got a lot of info to share !!


  3. Dear Sir,

    27th All India Budokan Karate National Championship - 2009. This Championship was my god and bad day. i am 3rd price winner in fighting 45 to 50 (kw) i got medal & certificate but that same day i lost medal & certificate in this place, that why i told you its my good and bad day. any way to give this. Do you have Championship - 2009 winner list, you have please give me the another certificate pls pls pls